Why Offsite Is Important

Lost Data Can Cripple Your Business

Imagine showing up to work tomorrow and all your data is gone. What would that mean for your business? For most businesses, it would mean closing the doors for good.

If you’re not backing up your critical data, or have even the slightest doubt about your current backup solution, the time to make sure you are protected is NOW!

Here's why:

New Technology May Have Surpassed Your Current Backup Capability

If your backup solution wasn’t made to fit the technology you are using today, you lose your ability to properly backup and restore data. In other words, if something happens, your data is gone. We can make sure your backup solution is up to date and all your critical data is safe and sound.

Your IT Staff Is Already Overworked

Most IT departments are completely swamped with daily tasks and random troubleshooting. Your critical data needs to be backed up properly and it needs to be backed up consistently – it’s not something that should ever be put on the back burner. Keep your IT staff efficient by letting us worry about protecting your business.

Hardware Consistently Fails

It’s only a matter of time. And when it happens, the process of recovering data off failed drives can be very costly, if it works at all. It’s not worth the risk – especially when you can get a solid backup plan in place with ease.

Tape Backups Fail

Sure, you can mitigate risk by changing tapes daily and storing them offsite, but there is still a chance you won’t be able to restore your data. Environmental factors can easily damage tape backups and test restores need to be performed regularly just to make sure they’re working properly. With tape, there are simply too many variables that can fail when you can least afford failure.

Support When You Need It Most

The team of backup and recovery experts at TwinCitiesBackup is here when you need us. Long recovery times means lost productivity and lost revenue. Get the help you need, when you need it most.


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