Security Encryption

TwinCitiesBackup uses Federal Information Processing Standards 140-2 (FIPS 104-2), which is validated by AES Encryption, Random Number Generator, Digital Signatures and HMAC. FIPS is the U.S. federal standard for government agencies and is also mentioned specifically in HIPAA regulations.

How the Security Measures Work

The encryption keys are highly protected. Even network administrators and others with legitimate access to the system cannot discover encryption key values. If a hacker gains access to your network, the passwords you use to access source systems and encryption keys are safe.

Data in Transit

Your data transmission to our Online Storage Systems is secure because all of your data is encrypted at your facility within the software.

Data at Rest

Access to your file content is not possible because your data remains encrypted while it resides on the Online Storage System.

When your client software is installed and registered with Online Storage Systems, a Digital Signature Key is also created. Your Digital Signature Key works with the encryption keys to ensure your data remains confidential during all access and restore procedures. Only the original software client performing the backup can restore the data.

You can either manage the encryption keys onsite or forward an encrypted copy to Online Storage Sytems for safekeeping.


"What You Need To Know About Cloud Backup."