How does TwinCitiesBackup work?

You no longer need to worry about a daily backup routine because TwinCitiesBackup does all the work for you. Our offsite backup software runs a fully automated online backup of your important files and data.

An encrypted connection means your data is completely safe. After encryption, your data is compressed and sent to the TwinCitiesBackup offsite servers for safe storage.

When you add new files or make changes to existing ones, your new data is automatically backed up offsite using a schedule that best fits your business. Email notifications and detailed backup reports are also available.

You will always have a copy of your files available because they are stored in multiple locations using redundant hardware.

TwinCitiesBackup Free Trial – We will help you install the software and show you how to select the important business data you want to back up. You only need to do this once, but you can always make changes to the data you want to backup as you wish.

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